Product & SolutionNetmonk Prime

Netmonk Prime

Network monitoring application that acquires data from various network devices automatically and visualizes it in the form of an easy-to-understand analytical dashboard.
Netmonk Prime

Key Features

Features of Netmonk Prime, a web-based network monitoring that provides easy network monitoring for your company/organization.

  • 01

    Operational Dashboard

    Dashboard for network IT operational teams, displaying important information related to network devices and network parts (links) in order to monitor the network performance effectively.

  • 02

    Managerial Dashboard

    Dashboard for IT Manager or dashboard in a Network Operation Center (NOC) room that displays the current conditions of the network in a format that has been briefly summarized.

  • 03

    Proactive Notification

    Get proactive notifications via Telegram or email when the network devices in your company are experiencing problems, without being glued to the monitor screen.

  • 04

    Reporting Automation

    It's easy to get the network performance report for a certain period with two types of download format, are PDF and CSV.

  • 05

    Historical Data Utilization

    The data traffic and resource usage (CPU, Memory, Storage) from every device will be collected periodically and analyzed automatically to get the trend predictions and thresholds usage.

  • 06

    Safer Monitoring Protocol Support

    Support SNMPv3 for authenticated and encrypted monitoring protocols, therefore it can meet the needs of companies/organizations that uphold security aspects.

Why Netmonk Prime?

Here are some of the benefits your company or organization can get from Netmonk Prime, a web-based network monitoring.