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Meet all of your company's need for network monitoring application.


Network monitoring application provider that helps your organization.


01Netmonk Basic

Network monitoring application that acquires data from network devices automatically and visualizes it in the form of an easy-to-understand analytical dashboard.


02Netmonk Basic + Custom Built

Solutions made with a custom approach from the main features of Netmonk Basic to match the culture of your organization/company.

03Full Custom Built

The solutions we provide to solve problems for your organization/company that are still related to monitoring and analyzing network infrastructure.

Netmonk Service

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Netmonk is a network monitoring application provider, has competitive advantages to make your network monitoring easier.

  • Vendor Agnostic

    Vendor Agnostic

    Netmonk has no ties to a specific vendor/device brand, we can provide solutions that are supported by various network devices from various vendors.

  • Customize Applications & Workflows

    Customize Applications & Workflows

    We provide custom solutions to maximize the quality of solving problems for different users.

  • Collaboration with Local Developers

    Collaboration with Local Developers

    Our solutions created by reliable local developers who are able to solve various problems in your network monitoring.

  • Providing Contract Scheme Options

    Providing Contract Scheme Options

    We provide contract scheme options, that is "Fixed (Clear Requirement Upfront)" scheme and the "Flexible (Agile Per-Sprint)" scheme.

They Choose Netmonk’s Product & Solutions

Netmonk has been trusted by 15+ companies in Indonesia.

What They Say About Netmonk

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“Netmonk Basic is very suitable as a network monitoring solution because it can not only monitor network quality but can also be used to monitor the status of network devices in real-time.”

Ega Paundra


Sigma Cipta Caraka