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The First Network Monitoring Solution Provider from Indonesia that Simplifies Complex Network Problems.

Company History

Netmonk started in 2017, at a startup incubation of PT Telkom Indonesia to provide a more powerful and easy-to-use network monitoring solution.

Netmonk was initiated by young Indonesians who wanted to enable the establishment of an effortless network so that the internet in Indonesia could be easily and cheaply distributed to all corners of the country, and also corporations can have secure, practical connections at affordable operating costs.

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Netmonk has been trusted by 15+ companies in Indonesia.

Telkom Indonesia
Yakes Telkom
Kementerian Perdagangan RI
Kementerian Dalam Negeri RI
Lambang Kota Tangerang
Lambang Kota Depok
Pelita Air
Kominfo Pangkalan Bun
Kominfo Bontang
True Money
Kereta Commuter Indonesia
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What They Say About Netmonk?

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Netmonk really helps us to penetrate the community through the local government in terms of providing a monitoring dashboard. I am very grateful that the Netmonk team really helped us from the beginning to create dashboard services to after sales
Fiernad Napitu
Mgr Solution Regional & Sales Support
PT Telkom Indonesia
Telkom Indonesia