Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Every business, especially digital business, needs a reliable server. Ensuring the server operates as expected is important so that IT infrastructure management can be better and support the business to run optimally.

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Server Monitoring

The Linux server monitoring module can detect the visibility and performance of both physical and virtual servers, to ensure the server operates as expected, and is proactive maintenance.

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Reasons to Use Server Monitoring

Here are some of the benefits your company will get from the Server Monitoring module, a web-based server monitoring module.

It's very easy to install Agent Server

Netmonk simplifies and speeds up the agent server installation process. Say goodbye to manual and lengthy configuration processes.

Provides support for various linux distributions

Provides monitoring support for various types of Linux distributions. No need to worry about the linux server being used is not compatible with our monitoring tools.

Monitoring is Proactive Maintenance

There is a real-time notification feature via the Telegram application or e-mail to make it easier for you to monitor anywhere and anytime.

24/7 real-time performance monitoring

The Web/API monitoring module makes it easy for you to monitor your business's web/API performance in real-time 24/7.