Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

In today's digital age, ensuring network services are always available is important for every business. Without network monitoring, businesses can suffer losses due to operations that don't run smoothly.

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Network Monitoring

The network monitoring module is capable of acquiring data from network devices, being displayed into an easy-to-understand analytical dashboard and making it easy for IT teams to carry out proactive and preventive maintenance.

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The Reason for Using Network Monitoring

Here are some of the benefits your company will get from the Network Monitoring module, a web-based network monitoring module.

Maintenance is proactive & preventive

Get notified proactively via Telegram or email when a network device in the company is having problems without having to be glued to the monitor screen.

Make it easier for the IT team to run operations

Through the operational dashboard on Netmonk Prime, the IT team will easily monitor network devices based on the most crucial to the most secure conditions.

Available Dashboard for Management and Operation

There are 2 types of dashboard views that are easy to use for management and operational teams, can be customized with 1 click.

Easy and fast to setup device data

It is enough to register an IP address once and all data related to the device can be displayed.