Terms and Conditions of Use of Nemonk Sites

Terms and Conditions are the terms governing access to the Site, content and / or content, products and other features provided on the Site. By accessing and / or using the Netmonk Site, you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, then you will not be able to access and / or use the Netmonk Site and Products.

  1. Definition
    1. You are every person accessing and / or using the Netmonk Site.
    2. Force Majeure is an event that could not have been predicted beforehand, occurred against the will, fault, or authority of Netmonk and / or User, which hindered the implementation of these Terms and Conditions.
    3. Content is information, numbers, images, data, text, video, photos, audio, usernames, links, designs, or other materials displayed on the Site.
    4. Netmonk is a network monitoring service provider owned by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero), Tbk, hereinafter referred to as TELKOM.
    5. Person is an individual and / or legal entity.
    6. User is every person who accesses and / or uses the Site and has registered to use Netmonk Products.
    7. Dispute is any difference in interpretation or contradiction between Netmonk and User arising from these Terms and Conditions.
    8. Period Usage is a specified period of time for the User to use the Product for a fee.
    9. Free trial period is a certain period of time for User to use the Product without charge.
    10. User Portal ( user portal ) is a page on the Site that contains personal information, product usage status, Product installation guides, and Product installers that can only be accessed by registered users
    11. Product is an application owned by Netmonk which functions to perform network monitoring by automatically acquiring data from network devices and processing it into information in the form of interactive displays.
    12. Site is www.netmonk.id which contains Content, Netmonk Product User Portal.
    13. Terms and Conditions is an electronic agreement between Netmonk and User regarding the Terms and Conditions for using the Site and Products.
    14. TELKOM is a telecommunication operator in Indonesia which has research and development activities in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) and Amoeba's Digital Program which covers Products.
  2. Functionality

    In using the Product, the User can download the Product installer on the User Portal and must pay attention to and follow the installation procedure contained in the User Portal.

  3. Change of Terms and Conditions
    1. Netmonk may make changes to Products for legitimate reasons such as (a) improvement of functions and / or Products, (b) application of technological advances to Products, (c) reasonable technical adjustments to Products, (d) maintenance and operation of Products, and (e) for reasons of applicable laws or regulations.
    2. If a Product change is made by Netmonk which has a significant impact on the Terms and Conditions, then Netmonk will provide notification via email address to the User for approval before the change is made.
    3. In the event that notification has been made and the User continues to use the Product after a change has been made, the user is deemed to have accepted and agreed to all changes made by Netmonk.
    4. If the user is not willing to use the Product based on the new Terms and Conditions, the User can contact Netmonk via the email address listed in the Contact Person section.
  4. Product
    1. Product options currently available are Netmonk Prime.
    2. You can use the Product by registering directly or via the Site.
    3. Users can activate the Usage Period or Trial Period after registering.
    4. In the event the User does not activate or has passed the Use Period or Trial Period, the User can still use the Product with feature restrictions.
    5. Netmonk reserves the right to offer promotions related to new Products or features, including third party product offerings related to Products. Netmonk is not responsible for Products provided by these third parties and Netmonk reserves the right to modify, change, or terminate any offers offered under these Terms.
  5. Experiment
    1. From time to time, Netmonk reserves the right to offer Product Trials to you. In implementing these trials, Netmonk assesses your eligibility for a trial period, and reserves the right to modify or cancel with or without prior notice as permitted by applicable law.
    2. Users can use the Product within a Trial period for a period specified by Netmonk.
    3. In some conditions to enjoy other Trials, Netmonk requires Users to fill in additional personal information other than the information provided during the first registration.
  6. Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property Rights related to this Netmonk Product are the property of TELKOM which is obtained by lawful means and does not violate the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia. No rights or permits are granted either directly or indirectly to Users. or any party who accesses the site to use or reproduce Intellectual Property, and neither party can claim any rights to, ownership or interests in it. Netmonk respects Intellectual Property Rights and hopes you do the same. You can only use the Content and Products on the Site for non-commercial personal use. If otherwise excluded and / or expressly permitted under the rules, then you are not allowed to:

    1. Reproducing, redistributing, reproducing, copying, transferring, performing to the public, or making public provision for any part including but not limited to Netmonk Content and Products, or in other ways using Netmonk Products or Content which are expressly prohibited. based on the Terms and Conditions or applicable law or which violates intellectual property rights;
    2. Doing certain ways to get around Netmonk technology;
    3. Remove or change the trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property rights contained in Netmonk Content or Products.
    4. Provide license code to other parties obtained from Netmonk to use the Product;
    5. Re-install the product without prior notification to Netmonk.
  7. Privacy

    By using and / or accessing the Netmonk Site, you acknowledge that Netmonk can collect, use and share your information in accordance with <a href = '/ privacy-policy' class = 'underline text-support-blue-100 '> Privacy Policy </a> Netmonk. To understand more, you are welcome to read Netmonk's Privacy Policy

  8. Force Majeure

    Force Majeure includes but is not limited to disruption of communication systems, cybercrime fire, lightning strike, explosion, hurricane or typhoon, power failure, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami riot, national emergency, industrial relations dispute, war or military operations, mass strikes, epidemics, pandemics and / or changes to laws and regulations. In the event of Force Majeure, the User agrees to release Netmonk from any claims and responsibilities for fulfilling Product obligations, either partially or completely.

  9. Dispute Resolution
    1. The dispute is deemed to arise when one of the Parties has submitted the matter in writing to the other Party and the other Party has accepted it.
    2. Dispute settlement as referred to in letter (a) is carried out through the stages of negotiation, mediation and arbitration.
    3. If the negotiation and mediation stages do not reach an agreement, Netmonk and User agree to resolve the dispute through the Indonesian National Arbitration Board
    4. In an effort to resolve the dispute, Netmonk and User agree to set aside Article 1266 of the Civil Code
  10. Other Terms
    1. Warranty and Limitation of Liability . Netmonk provides warranty to Users limited to defective conditions of the Product during the Trial Period or the Period of Use. The user agrees to waive the warranty rights against Netmonk regarding any direct or indirect damages that occur at beyond Product defects.
    2. Engagement and Applicability of the Terms and Conditions . You understand and agree that these Terms and Conditions are made in electronic form and your access to and / or use of the Netmonk Site is a form of your consent to agree to these valid Terms and Conditions. legally and legally as long as you access and / or use the Netmonk Site.
    3. . If any of the conditions of these Terms and Conditions are deemed invalid, contrary to law, or unenforceable, it will not affect the legality, validity and implementation of other conditions.
    4. Applicable language . The language used and applicable in these Terms and Conditions is Indonesian.
    5. Interpretation . Netmonk and User agree that the formation, implementation and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia.
  11. Contact Person

    If you have questions and / or complaints / complaints regarding the use of Netmonk, the User can contact Netmonk by visiting the Contact page on the Site.