Product & SolutionFull Custom Built

Full Custom Built

The solutions we create to solve the unique problems of your organization/company that are still related to monitoring and analyzing network infrastructure.
Full Custom Built

Our "Full Custom Built" Solution Portfolio

Netmonk provides 2 development methodology options to suit client/user needs, that is waterfall and agile scrum. Here are some of our portfolio of solutions with a full custom build approach:

  • 01

    Wifi (Controller-Based) Monitoring

  • 02

    GPON (OLT and ONT) Monitoring

  • 03

    HSI (High-Speed Internet) Monitoring

  • 04

    Node Telemetry Monitoring

  • 05

    Traffic Flow Monitoring (Netflow and NBAR)

  • 06

    Video Conference Monitoring (Jitsi On-Premise)

Reasons for Choosing a “Full Custom Built” Solution

Here are the advantages of using the “Full Custom Built” solution from Netmonk as a network monitoring solution for your company/organization.

  • Unlimited Features

    Unlimited Features

    You can request feature adjustments as needed because the features provided are unlimited.

  • SLA Adjustment

    SLA Adjustment

    The parameter calculation for SLA can be adjusted based on the formula that your company/organization uses.

  • Can be Integrated

    Can be Integrated

    Full Custom Built can be integrated with third-party applications, that is applications that are already used by your company/organization.