Product & SolutionNetmonk Basic + Custom Built

Netmonk Basic + Custom Built

A solution made with a custom approach from the main features of Netmonk Basic to suit the culture of your company/organization.
Netmonk Basic + Custom Built

What Can Be Done In This Solution

Adding information/custom processes such as:

  • 01

    Format customization of weekly/monthly reports

  • 02

    Modify existing information

  • 03

    Change/add colors according to the company's brand guidelines

Reasons for Choosing Netmonk Basic + Custom Built

Here are the advantages of using Netmonk Basic + Custom Built Solution as a network monitoring solution for your company/organization.

  • Uses the main features of Netmonk Basic

    Uses the main features of Netmonk Basic

    Your company/organization can use the proven main features of “Netmonk Basic” to solve problems without the need to iterate over the features from scratch.

  • Customization As Needed

    Customization As Needed

    You can modify “Netmonk Basic” to match the reporting format, information, or your company/organization branding colors.

  • Can Be Integrated

    Can Be Integrated

    Netmonk Basic + Custom Built can be integrated with third-party applications that are already used by your company/organization.