Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions to Netmonk.

  • What is Netmonk?

  • What are the network device requirements that can be monitored by “Netmonk Basic”?

  • Can “Netmonk Basic” be used to monitor devices that are on a private network?

  • What is the agent for “Netmonk Basic”?

  • What are the specifications of the server or computer that will be installed agent of “Netmonk Basic”?

  • Does “Netmonk Basic” have Server Monitoring feature?

  • Can “Netmonk Basic” be used to monitor Wifi?

  • Can Netmonk product or solutions be used to monitor traffic?

  • What services does Netmonk offer besides the product “Netmonk Basic”?

  • What is the “Netmonk Basic + Custom Built” solution?

  • What is a “Full Custom Built” solution?

  • Does Netmonk provide help or support services for installation, interference, and upgrades?

  • Are demo sessions available for Netmonk product and solutions?

  • Are there any Free Trial versions of Netmonk product and solutions?