You probably already understand how important it is to monitor network devices in the company. How important is it? Just imagine, if the network devices in all your branches have problems, but to solve it your IT team still uses manual methods. What will happen? Because it still uses the manual method which consumes a lot of time and effort, this can also affect end-users because they don’t get good service.

Compared to the complicated and ineffective manual method, network monitoring tools make it easy to change the way from manual to automatic. The meaning? The network monitoring tool can tell you which network device is about to reach its threshold. So the network IT team does not need to wait for complaints from end-users before fixing the problem.

This is very useful, especially for companies that have many branches and use the network for their operations. This is what NetMonk is trying to give you. Although there are many network monitoring tools, NetMonk has several excellent features to consider, namely real-time notification, predictive analytics, easy reporting, customization, support from our experienced experts, and others.

Not only providing the best monitoring solution for clients but in this new year, NetMonk also offers the opportunity through the NetMonk Reseller Program 2021 to build good collaboration and cooperation this year. Through this program, we hope that you can also join us in providing network monitoring solutions throughout Indonesia. Why should NetMonk? You will get benefits, one of which is that you can get sales discounts of up to 45% and others. Interesting right?

To kick off this reseller program, we’ve sent several packages to our partners to invite them to collaborate and now it’s your turn. Contact us immediately if you are interested or want to ask for complete information with our marketing team here.