Network monitoring is an important activity for companies whose daily operations utilize the network. Moreover, companies that have branch offices. We understand very well that network monitoring in a company that has many branches is not an easy job. Especially if you have to monitor it manually which will consume a lot of time and energy. Moreover, monitoring the network using tools from different vendors is no less troublesome.

If you still often spend a lot of time monitoring corporate networks and haven’t found the right tool for network monitoring, maybe Netmonk is the answer. As a provider of network monitoring tools in Indonesia, Netmonk believes that network monitoring should be easy by our vision of an effortless network for a better-connected world. Netmonk always strives to provide the best solution for corporate network monitoring. Netmonk Basic is a Netmonk product that is a network monitoring application that automatically acquires data from network devices and visualizes it in the form of an easy-to-understand analytical dashboard.

How did Netmonk make it happen? You can find the answer in the free Netmonk training program. This training aims to provide education on how to use Netmonk Basic and the features in it.

What are the benefits of participating in Netmonk Training?

  1. Better understand the monitoring needs of your company.
  2. Get deeper insights about Netmonk Basic before you purchase the customer portal.
  3. See the complete Netmonk features and how to use them.

Consult directly with our experts.
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